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Jon voight
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  baby annie not feeding

Ok so my bro orderd a baby male green anaconda from lllreptile and we have had it for about a week now and it seems to have no intrest in prey whatsoever. Hes only been handled from the shipping container into his living quarters. The humidity, temp, and lighg cycles are spot on. Hes got a hide on one side and a nice soak bowl on the opposite sid. Its a 10gall with cococoir and a under tank heater. I tried a live mouse when he was in his hide and ive also tried a pre killed wonce wen he was in his bowl and wonce left it over night in front of his hide after i brained it. Now im hearing chicks are good to start and i found a local farm thats getting 2-3 day old chicks but they have fur and there alive. I wasnt sure if those would be to big for him or if he would even be interested. Hes a really beauty and i really want him to eat and become big and strong. Any help would be much appreciated since im at the point of losing sleep over it. Lol. Thankyou

03/14/13  12:35am


The Lone Glider
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  baby annie not feeding

Well, when a reptile first moves into a new home, it is going to be scared at first. Do not rush it. He probably won’t eat for a week to a few to even a months. every reptile adjust in its own way.
* I would change your tank for it though, I would keep it in a 20 while its young because snakes are active and need space to move around and explore.
*For the substrate I’d use either newspapers or paper towels. They are easy to clean up, and are inexpensive. Cypress mulch can also be used because it holds humidity well, but it also holds and releases odors from the snake’s feces.
*These are big snakes... The Males are much smaller than females staying at about 9 or 10 feet in length while females can reach 16 feet which is a lot of snake.. You are going to end up feeding rabbits.. I hope you can handle that.. and if you have a sister don’t let her know what you are feeding...
* They can eat anywhere from once every 6 days to once every 12 days. BUT I would setup a scheduled for them. a once a week feeding would be best. at the same time everyday and give it 1-2 days to digest the food so it don’t throw it up..
*Anacondas are from the Amazon and need their humidity and water. Dehydration is a huge factor into the overall health of your green anaconda. A water bowl with room to swim and move in should be provided at all times. Water should always be clean because anacondas spend much time in the dish. Because of this, they may defecate in the water bowls. Tap water can be unhealthy to your reptile, so try to use bottled water most of the time. Tap water has small amounts of chlorine and unhealthy minerals, and your anaconda will get dehydrated because it will stay away from unhealthy waters.
On the topic of humidity, green anacondas require 50-60% humidity at all times. A hydrometer can help you in achieving this. Place the water bowl on the warm side of the tank so the water evaporates, and is warm enough for your anaconda. The entire cage should be sprayed down every night, and if needed, in the morning as well. If a snake feels dehydrated it will go to its water bowl. If your anaconda is spending excessive amounts of time in it, the cage is not humid enough.

***Now, This is just from what I have experience with my time with these snakes... Other more recent keeps may see things differently. Also, a hide on the cool side and a hide on the warm side is good for them too. They seem to be kind of a shy snake..Lol.. Good luck with the new pet!!***

03/15/13  10:58pm


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  Message To: Jon voight   In reference to Message Id: 2293736

  baby annie not feeding

hi john,
i can give you one big tip, be very patient with your green.
with eating and her growth, greens grow very slowly compare to other giants.
just handle when needed. i got 8 greens now, and al the baby’s i had didnt eat at least for 6 weeks.
keep the humidity/temp right and the cage/water bowl clean. then you will see that he/she gonna eat.
maybe you can post your humidity and temp and the temp of your water area. just to be sure.

kindly regards jamey

02/14/14  01:33pm

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