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 The double decker set up

Whats the general consensus in the US regarding aquatic, semi aquatic or treat as any other large boid when housing an anaconda?

After seeing a set up that was housing a baby retic, I copied and adapted the idea using some storage boxes and the evolving idea is below:

The set up is heated by a ceramic heating element mounted on an aluminum mesh that covers a cut out section. The top storage box (we call the RUB’s or Really Useful Boxes) contains the substrate. I’ve experimented with various materials ranging from soil / sand, ecofibre (or coir), Cyprus mulch, aspen as well as plain newspaper.

There is a large hole cut in the base of this top unit and a cork barrier is glued into place to prevent any substrate from falling into the water container below.

He now has the option to swim, climb, hide or bask. The other benefit of this set up is that I can secure him in either the top or the bottom making water changes or cleaning him out easier as I just remove whatever layer he is in and put a lid on. When finished, remove him and then secure him in the fresh one and clean the other.

Not the average set up I suppose but is working well, I have got some ideas on a larger set up for him but that’s not needed just yet.

04/01/11  11:19am


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 The double decker set up

Love it! very clever and innovative for a juvenile! thanks for sharing.

05/05/11  06:20pm

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