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 My male yellow

Its a year or so since I got this male yellow and in that time he hasn’t shown any aggression or bad behavior towards me at all. I understand that they can have the bad attitude but its maybe not the reputation they all deserve?

Initially he was a mere 3 feet and quite slender, now knocking on 5 feet and fat as my arm he has come on leaps and bounds.

^ In the UK the ’general’ rule of thumb for feeding is 1.5x the siize of the girth for prey items, as you may see I’m not a fan or follower of that as he’ll have small to large prey items depeding on time between feeds and my mood.

04/01/11  11:06am


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  Message To: Whosthedaddy   In reference to Message Id: 2212484

 My male yellow

Beautiful snake...what did you feed him?

05/05/11  06:23pm


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  Message To: Yemanja   In reference to Message Id: 2217561

 My male yellow

I had a Male Yellow for years and it was one of the best snakes I ever owned. I want another one so bad i just dont really have room now :(

05/17/11  02:32pm

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