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 This makes me sick.

I hate how ignorant people can be, just because its not a soft warm and fuzzy animal nobody cares for them. but, if it was a bunch of deer they wouldn’t have touched them. lol I guess that was a stupid analogy but you get where I’m coming from. They think oh giant snake its gonna come after me and kill everyone. To be quite honest I cant stand dealing with anyone who can think that way about animals which is pretty much of the population I’m just glad I can talk to people who feel the same way I do about this stuff.

03/16/11  04:27pm


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  Message To: Venom6547   In reference to Message Id: 2209890

 This makes me sick.

My response on that site.

"I work with anacondas every day. You would really have to be careless to be killed by one. But that is a giant snake, and the fears people living there have would have some basis of rationality. It is a shame though this was a pregnant snake on strictly environmental grounds. But for the record, anacondas do not reject their offspring or kill them. They will, however, eat any stillborns, and I do hope the people there at least got a good meal and did not waste such a large supply of meat. I would also like to confirm that these snakes do only eat a few meals a year, and it is not uncommon for large females like this one to fast for upwards of two years, and females this large are quite an abundance of livestock or children missing seems a little far fetched. Also keep in mind that if half of those 70 babies are male, they only grow to a fraction of the size females do and could not eat a meal larger than a squirrel. So of the logical 35 females, you still only have a few of them survive, so the damage that is done to the environment far outweighs the potential risk of big snakes like this eating children. We can’t, and shouldn’t, be killing everything that has the potential to cause human harm. We are causing ourselves greater long term trauma if we go that direction. "

03/17/11  08:21pm


Designer Dragons
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  Message To: SoLA   In reference to Message Id: 2210110

 This makes me sick.

I also put out a response.

03/22/11  03:56pm


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  Message To: Designer Dragons   In reference to Message Id: 2210983

 This makes me sick.

I did to.
Most of those people are just ignorant!

04/22/11  01:34pm


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  Message To: Starling96   In reference to Message Id: 2215524

 This makes me sick.

I agree, I am a animal lover, but they are not as educated I’m sure, But we don’t know if like it said that may have been a problem snake. if it has gotten used to an easy meal by going to that farm, as many bears and aligators do. then it is in my opion justifed. without all of the details we can not really make an informed statement. with that said, it is sad that it hapened and your rite what an impact on the evoriment.

05/05/11  10:56am

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