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 HELP!!!!!!! Young anacondas

I have 2 baby anacondas ...well a few months old and about 4ft long.(They are brother and sister)
I used to have a yellow one for years which was about 14ft when she died of old age.
The 2 new ones seem to be shedding constantly and 2 days ago completely shed but now have milky eyes again!! Is this normal????
This also seems to be affecting them eating. One has not eaten for over 4 weeks but is the bigger of the 2 and seems quite healthy The smaller one has eaten 2 chicks in that time
Should I be concerned about the larger one not eating ?? and if so what can I do. My old snake never ate whilst shedding ....these seem to be constantly shedding
Anty advice would be very very appreciated

12/30/10  08:08am


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 HELP!!!!!!! Young anacondas

Constant shedding might mean they have mites, or some other sort of skin irritation, check for mites.

01/09/11  08:51pm

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