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how many species of anacondas are there what are their names and sizes

08/18/10  11:30pm


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I think there are three species of Anaconda
the green anaconda, the yellow anaconda and the broad banded anaconda? The broad banded one looks like the yellow but it has a solid banded pattern across its back, I think i saw a picture of it in reptile magazine its not a morph or anything

and if you want to include hybrid yellowsXgreen anacondas that could be four species technically


08/19/10  11:14am


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  Message To: KimboSliceEatsCats   In reference to Message Id: 2170295


Eunectes murinus - green anaconda (largest)
Eunectes notaeus - yellow anaconda
Eunectus beniensis - bolivian anaconda
Eunectes deschauenseei - dark spotted anaconda

the green and yellow anacondas are the only ones currently known in the pet trade.

08/23/10  10:06pm

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