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 Yellow vs green

How would you compare keeping a female yellow to keeping a male green? i have a female yellow and want a male green, just curious.

03/12/10  05:25am


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  Message To: Defiler13   In reference to Message Id: 2132196

 Yellow vs green

i’ve heard that green anacondas can be a bit more aggressive than yellows im not at all sure though so correct me if im wrong

03/14/10  09:26pm


Jazzy j
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  Message To: Pbmaniac22a   In reference to Message Id: 2132880

 Yellow vs green

how do you know

05/14/10  10:50am


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  Message To: Jazzy j   In reference to Message Id: 2147464

 Yellow vs green

In my experience, it has been exactly the opposite. In my personal collection, my yellows are much more assertive. We do have a huge female yellow at work that is easily as calm (or calmer) than the calmest greens I have worked with.

So, I think we can really say it is completely an individual thing.

Personally, I have more yellows than greens, but I like greens more. Female greens are just too darn big.

05/15/10  09:04pm

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