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 Can’t make up my mind...

I have been looking through quite a few threads, looking at pictures of Yellow Anacondas. I am considering purchasing one. I have over 8 years of experience with large boas over 7ft. My largest is a lil over 7 right now and about 25lbs.

I am curious to know what you all house both your adult males, and female yellows in. What do you think is the best TYPE or brand of cage. Such as visions, boaphiles, boamasters, etc. or custom built yourself.

I recently got my hands on a friends 6ft custom built cage recently.

What do you think? :)

03/04/10  10:47pm


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  Message To: ShesCountry89   In reference to Message Id: 2129972

 Can’t make up my mind...

a male would totally fit in a 6ft cage. they dont get over 8ft, 30lbs usually. females wil get like 12ft and like 60+lbs tho

03/05/10  11:40am


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  Message To: Rickyael   In reference to Message Id: 2130105

 Can’t make up my mind...

Awesome, yeah, I was thinking about getting a male. I mean, I could probably deal with a female being 12ft but 60lbs would be pretty heavy considering it will be just me taking care of it.

03/05/10  04:53pm

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