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 Please read!! urgent!!

there are a few posts on the ball python forum concerning S373, a bill which will stop trade of 9 species of constrictor, imports, exports, and between states, no exceptions. If you move to another state, you can’t take your pet. This will greatly decreasing jobs and business flow in the exotic snake business, as well as making it impossible for you to get out of state vet care for your pet. the worst thing is that this list originall included ball pythons, carpet pythons, and blood pythons, all in all around 40 species of python and boa. if this bill passes things will only go down-hill from there, possibly a ban of ownership of several, and maybe eventually all exotic species. I am not exaggerating! please go over there and find out more on how to prevent the passing of this bill/ban

02/14/10  09:37pm

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