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 Conda at a show?

I live in West Virginia. I plan on on going to a show in Shepherdsville, KY. What are the odds of finding a yellow or green conda at a show? If the odds are low, what are the best ways to find one? Thanks my fellow herp lovers.


02/14/10  05:51pm


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  Message To: Monge   In reference to Message Id: 2123423

 Conda at a show?

It’s ironic... one single anaconda at that show will pack more rows of teeth than the whole crowd of people together. OMG, my bad, my bad... lol. I know, bad joke :)
Anyway, hope you find what you’re looking for. Yellow’s are more common to find at shows, usually.

02/17/10  06:24pm


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  Message To: JimmyDavid   In reference to Message Id: 2124264

 Conda at a show?

i live in KY and i usually dont see them at any shows

02/25/10  06:43pm

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