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 Green anaconda wont eat please help?

about 2 weeks ago i got a green anaconda and he was shipped to the wrong house and he got very cold so i took him to a vet and he was a little sick from it so i gave him medication and he is perfect agian and he just shed a a few days ago and his cage is the right size, heat and humidity is at the right level and he has places to hide but he still wont eat

what is wrong with him and what can i do to help

here is a picture of Tyrone :)

01/21/10  03:08pm


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  Message To: Meyerhofer   In reference to Message Id: 2115938

 Green anaconda wont eat please help?

He is probably still a little stressed with everything that has been going on. Give him another week to acclimate and try again. Just offer once a week until he takes it. Also, I noticed in the pic you have a dial thermometer/Hydrometer. Those will sometimes have the tendency to stick. If you can, get a temp gun or one of the accurite thermometer/Hydrometer combos at walmart just to make sure. Don’t worry, he can go a while before eating. Just make sure not to stress him out more by checking on him or offering food too often. Hope it helps,

01/21/10  10:21pm


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  Message To: TheSurfer   In reference to Message Id: 2116102

 Green anaconda wont eat please help?

If your animal is not eating in a month or so you can try bag feeding.
I have been successful with this method.. Most recently with a young Dumerils ..
just get a small paper bag.. put the thawed rodent in it with your snake .. and leave it in the enclosure over night. ..
if that doesn’t work i would try scenting.. but dont be worried!!! be patient !!!!
Keep us updated !!! good luck.

01/22/10  02:16am

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