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 Need help with yello anaconda

she is about 4ft. She will not eat,she will kill it but not eat it.When I got her they said she was 2 1/2 yers old but I don’t belive it.

01/06/10  11:45am


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  Message To: Big_Ant2626   In reference to Message Id: 2111251

 Need help with yello anaconda

i have a female yellow that is an early o9 that is almost 5ft. you can try a number of things....sometimes i have to feed mine in the water or on water side.... you can try feeding at night.. you can dip in broth... you can try to buy hampsters or chicks just to see....mine gets lazy sometimes and i have to pre kill for her...but so far shes always ate..
probably not tooo informative...if need more help feel free to email...

01/07/10  07:00pm


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  Message To: Reptilecraze   In reference to Message Id: 2111660

 Need help with yello anaconda

What size prey are you feeding? One of my balls wouldnt take a medium rat, and did exactly what yours is doing. So i went to a small rat, and he took it fine. Also, try prekilled, F/T, just try different things.

01/10/10  06:49pm

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