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 Cement pond

I want to build a indoor cement pond for my spectacled caiman and would eventually build one for my water monitor but looking for advice on building a cement pond and how to go about it. Any advice and pics would be awsome. Wife says he has to go in a stronger pond since the little bugger knocked the preform pond through his platform and got loose and bit me on the finger two days before our wedding lol.


08/20/09  06:42pm


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  Message To: Tbone21   In reference to Message Id: 2061060

 Cement pond

contact a koi pond builder

09/14/09  04:15pm


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  Message To: Maliki666   In reference to Message Id: 2071669

 Cement pond

Go online and search for construction techniques and supplies for building an in-ground concrete swimming pool. The principles would be the very similar.

10/01/09  11:03am

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