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 Read The Ban

This was posted by NERD and another forum.


Folks this is SERIOUS!!!! US Fish & Wildlife is proposing a ban of ALL SPECIES in the genera of Python, Boa & Eunectes. If this is passed, it will ban all interstate trade (that means buying & selling!) or importation of those genera (genera = plural for "genus") in the private sector.

Eunectes = Anacondas
Boa = includes ALL of the Boa constrictor species...yes, your Colombian boas, your red-tails, Argentine, Bolivian, Brazilian...anything whose scientific name starts with Boa constrictor...

And folks, the genus "Python" encompasses the following:

Ball pythons
Angolan pythons
Bloods & short-tails

This is SERIOUS! This is FOR REAL!!! It is time for us ALL to have a voice & make our feelings known in a polite, respectful yet FIRM way!

I know linking to other sites is usually a no-no, but there is an entire write-up on this at Pet Hobbyist:


The time to act is NOW!!!!!!! If this goes through, herpetoculture as we know it is going to RADICALLY change, and NOT for the better! No more big reptile shows, because out-of-state vendors wouldn’t be able to attend. No more buying your snakes from a breeder out of state. No more herpetoculture as it is right now!

Here is the address, it is best to write them to get our point across.

RIN 1018–AV68, Division of Policy and Directives Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 4401 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 222
Arlington, VA 22203

This act is due to people receiving all boas, pythons, and anaconda from out the United States, and after they get too big, or bad hobbyist get tired of them, they release them. Just as Rats are not indigenous to the US but have made a great impact on the US by coming in through crates, and what not. so we need to make a stand and let them know that they will be hurting many boa,python, anaconda owners. Let them know in a respectful voice. as much as i want to go off on them, i cant, because what does that show on our part? so lets do this.

02/03/08  03:42pm


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  Message To: ZGVSERPENT   In reference to Message Id: 1607705

 Read The Ban

ur a . chill out

02/04/08  06:41pm


Ben R.
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  Message To: Chrissy.D   In reference to Message Id: 1609600

 Read The Ban

I would also like to point out that this is a huge deal in the reptile world...

Please everyone speak up... This will effect you whether you know it or not. Along with many people losing their jobs...

02/04/08  09:56pm


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  Message To: Ben R.   In reference to Message Id: 1610065

 Read The Ban

I’d be arrested before anyone takes away my snakes. If we get enough people to write letters about how awesome of a hobby (and business for some) and how important snakes are to us, then we’ll have a better chance of this turning to our side. I printed out the article and I’m making thousands of copies to take to reptile shows. I think other people should do the same!

02/15/08  07:28pm


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  Message To: Sra   In reference to Message Id: 1625271

 Read The Ban

Ok, just make sure you know what the law is saying. Nobody is trying to take away your snakes, and nobody is saying they don’t mean a lot to you. It would prohibit you from crossing state lines with your snakes, or selling across state lines.

Make sure you read the proposed law. You want your letters to make sense.

02/15/08  08:08pm


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  Message To: SoLA   In reference to Message Id: 1625321

 Read The Ban

In medicine when we want to protest with the force of a large group usually some one, our society’s lawyers write a generic letter that we can download and then specify to the states congresspeople and senators. perhaps some one out there with experience in legal ease write a letter and then we can access the letter and send it to our own state politicians.

03/09/08  11:54am

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