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 Bull frog

i have a newley morfed bull for he has been a frog for 3weeks now on the 23 of june it will be 3weeks.

Iím looking to sell hin for 15$+shipping..

Thank you

06/20/05  09:38pm


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 Bull frog

Hi I got an african bull frog which is 9 inches long and his name is cheese burger because he ate a some of my hamburger once. I just wanted to know how much did your little frog cost when you bought it. Mine cost $30.00 when he was 7 in long. But there was a little one for $100.00 at another pet store that was 3 in long. I also wanted to know what you feed your frog mine eats toads and tree frogs i find around the fields. Thanks for your time.

Here is a Bunny!!!
Ears //////// /)/)
Face / (!!)(O.o)(!!)
Belly ////// ( . )
feet ////// (") (")

01/30/07  11:15pm


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 Bull frog


12/08/09  06:42pm

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