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 Giant Rock Newt. help asap.

I was at the only pet store on the island and I came across a Gaint Rock Newt, being rather amazing by the beautiful animal I bought one and brought it home in hopes of being able to learn alot of information on it, as I normal do with my other pets. I visited this site, as well as many other main sites in search of information.
After finding nothing what so ever, I decided to post here for help. I can have a picture of him posted soon. For what I would like to know is basic care information.
I have newt petlets, designed for newts and turtles etc, would that be good enough feed?

01/26/10  04:54pm


Rock newt
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 Giant Rock Newt. help asap.

Hi:) I also have just bought two Giant Rock Newts. I am feeding them Bloodworm and they are eating very well. I have never fed a newt on pellets and always try to closely replicate natural food. I have not found any information on these newts anywhere and I am just going by previous experience in keeping newts. I have them in a non heated tank and they have room to get out. So far they are very active so it seems that room temperature is ok. I would love to know how big these newts get and where they have come from. I know this is not that much info but I hope that it helps a bit. If you have any other questions I will see if I can help.

03/11/10  06:15pm


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 Giant Rock Newt. help asap.


I also bought a couple of Giant Rock newts in our LPS, but one died a couple of weeks after due to bitten tale by its mate (then drawn).

I have not found any info at all specifically about Giant Rock newts.

Could somebody give us some specific clues? These are aquatic (not really anphibian) newts and therefore the care should be different.

If anybody has something to add, it would be greatly appreciated.



11/13/10  12:46am

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