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Here are some updates on my toads...

Gizmo - recently found out he is a fowler toad, not an american one. will probably take him back, since i want the same breeds.

Toadzilla - Umm...i think "he" is actually a "she" now...the little black spots on his throat disappeared?

Pad - Actually a girl. oopsies. gaining weight since we got him, he was soo skinny!

Lilly - formerly Tilly, but changed. still shy but lately she has been playing with Pad more, so maybe she is getting used to the others.


is this normal? when feeding my toads, they are scared of anything alive. if its wiggling and i dangle it in front of their face, they hide in their caves. if its dead and i dangle it, they want it and i have seen them fight for it! also, Gizmo ate out of my hand the other day, their tongues feel really weird!

I also went and caught over 30 minnows, and they love them, i cut them up in small pieces, and dangle them in front of their faces, and wammo! other than that they are chowing down grasshoppers, flies, and horseflies.

during the night i walk down the streets with a bucket and net and catch toads, and then safely release them into the woods so they dont get ran over.

I plan on buying a bigger cage very soon, too. the one they are in is fine, but it isnt see through.

08/16/09  12:10pm

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