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 Quick question...

I just bought the Exo terrarium 24"x 18"x 24" for my 8 month old cwd, and i was wondering if there was any safe toads i could put in the terrarium with him, i know fbt skin can b poisons to them so they r a no no. i plan on keeping feeder fish in the terrarium too. any help would be awesome :)

pic of what i bought

03/02/09  11:46pm


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  Message To: Tushae   In reference to Message Id: 1962160

 Quick question...

do NOT mix species of any kind. you are asking for health and behavioral problems in both species if you do..

each species should have their own tank.

05/03/09  03:08pm


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  Message To: Gretchenellie   In reference to Message Id: 1997691

 Quick question...

does cwd stand for water dragon?

Mixing species in anything smaller than a green house is tough to keep animals at optimal health and longevity. Could they survive for a while? Probably, is it the best way to keep them? Most people would say no.

Fish can carry parasites and also pollute the water. If you want something in the water opt for either snails, live plants, or small shrimp species.

06/04/09  01:10am

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