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 My green pacman frog

i wanted some advice on how many times i should feed it in a month.
The people at the pet store told me to feed it once a week and someone else told me to feed it once a month.
I am feeding it pinkies once a month. Are there any other recommendations for its feeding schedule, or anything else i should feed it

10/27/08  09:28pm


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 My green pacman frog

pinkies aren’t a good staple, they’re very fatty and not really too nutritional. The frogs do better on crickets every couple of days, earthworms, feeder fish, the occasional wax worm...and occasionally pinkies. And if you do go with the crickets as the main diet (which would be great), you need to dust them once a week with a calcium supplement that you can buy at the petstore.

Petstores will basically tell you whatever seems easiest to get you to buy the frog, not necessarily what’s true though, so it’s always a good idea to research on your own just in case.

10/30/08  10:42pm

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