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 New Frog Can Anyone Help

hello everyone,

two weeks ago i got a white lipped green tree frog, his name is gumby and hes gorgeous. though i came home today to find he’s gone a dark green brown colour and does not look well or happy from what i can tell he’s still eating and moving around and looks a little bloated and i don’t know what i’m doing wrong also if you look closely at him his skin looks sweat. is that normal? he has fresh water everyday and i feed him mostly crickets, he has places to had and climb and i have tried to make his tank seem as real as possible. PLEASE HELP!!!

09/29/08  04:57am


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  Message To: Bronny   In reference to Message Id: 1870494

 New Frog Can Anyone Help

Im not to sure about frogs but for lizards the bloatedness could be impaction if he hasnt pooped for a lizard you would give him a warm bath and keep a close watch on him. You should do more research though because i dont know to much on frogs. Just trying to help!!

09/29/08  02:28pm


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  Message To: Reptil   In reference to Message Id: 1870727

 New Frog Can Anyone Help

what type of water are you using?

if it is tap water, it has to be treated ( or left out to age for a few days ) to remove any harmful chlorines, etc..

also, you need to provide more info about his setup for us to be able to help you.

09/29/08  08:38pm


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  Message To: Gretchenellie   In reference to Message Id: 1871040

 New Frog Can Anyone Help

try posting in the tree frog forum in the upper right side of the main forums page.

09/30/08  10:49pm

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