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 Newbie to Cuban Tree Frogs

Okay I was at PetCo yesterday (after spending 7 hours working a project at PetSmart, I know I know I’m sick). But I ended up rehousing one of my baby leopard gecko’s to a friend that works at the PetStore. Well standing around looking at their sparse animals, I notice one cuban tree frog left since they went clearance (like 4 months ago) and I figured I should just rehome him (especially since it was like 2.18 with tax) so I have him set up in a 5 1/2 gallon tank right now, with one outdoor "Toad" house, 3 inches of moist eco earth, a 3 inch deep and wide water dish, small log and a kidney medium food dish.

The guy wasn’t much help on how to set up for the Cuban but I didn’t want to leave it there any longer. I figured my niece would love to watch it stick to the sides of the tank (and if you check out the leopard gecko forum, the main one, I out-do what they need for housing). Told me to keep it between like 60-80 Percent humidity and warm with a big water dish. Lots of help there.

So questions:

A) is a 5 1/2 gallon tank big enough for him
B) Eco earth moist?
C) Hides and stuff in the tank
D) Temps/Humidity?
F) Anything else I should know?

Thanks for all the help, I will get pics up here Mon or Tues

09/13/08  10:25am


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  Message To: Shutterstud06   In reference to Message Id: 1858416

 Newbie to Cuban Tree Frogs

a 5 1/2 gallon tank is the BARE minimum for any frog... for a cuban tree frog, they are big jumpers and big frogs... they would need at least a 20-29 gallon minimum for them to have adequate space to allow for roaming around and to avoid nose rub..

humidity does not need to exceed 70-75 percent... if the humidity is too high there is a chance that fungal infections can set in which could possibly kill your frog... read up on red leg and chytrid fungus ......

large water bowl and large, sturdy tank decor. are key for these guys..

they are a pest in Florida and many other places, and they aren’t exactly a favorite among many keepers.. so in the event you have to "rehome" it, dont let it go outside...

they should have a basking light ( white light ) and NOT a red bulb.... the red bulbs can actually cause severe burns on amphibian skin because many frogs will not move from under the basking spot.. this causes the skin to slough off and expose tissues that can become easily infected and necrotic....

a nicely scaped setup with real plants will help keep the humidity in check and provide a natural setting for your frog.....


this is a 29 gallon tank that i have setup for a large breeding group of H. puncticulatus ( african reed frogs )... ’

good luck with your new pet...


09/14/08  01:41am

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