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when i go away on vacation with my cousins my cousin always catches a toad in a little lake and then kisses them is that gross or what. if anyone has stories about them then plz tell me thx

08/14/08  01:26pm


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i have toads around my house. so i caught one and im keeping it as a pet until the end of summer. i was just feeding him crickets when he jumped out of his cage and jumped of the bolcony. i was so scared that he died, but he is ok. just a little dramatiezed. this toads are kind of stupid.

06/16/09  07:09pm


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this toads are kind of stupid.

Just reread that. If you find nothing wrong with it then reply with a self photo and all your personal information and bank acount numbers.

Kissing a wild animal of course comes with risks. What if it turns into a princess or a two year old kid with ADHD. Are you willing to accept that kind of responsibility? What happens when he wants to go to college, but you wasted away his college fund on commemorative plates with the faces of all past and present GM presidents from George E. Daniels to Barak H. Obama?

There is this thing called samonella I hear people worried about from time to time as well. And most people don’t realize that we ourselves are toxic to frogs and toads. They have permeable skin and we produce lots of salts and oils that they can absorb through skin-on-skin contact. If she’s not making the toad breakfast in the morning, chances are he’s not going to call her back.

I’m not saying don’t go catch frogs. I’m just giving you facts. It’s this weird new craze called science that everyone is talking about. I think the Japanese invented it.

As far as stories about kissing frogs, I don’t have any personal anecdotes, but Gustaf Tenggren had a doozy. If you don’t get that reference then maybe you can ask Shrek II how his father-in-law is doing.

06/16/09  10:19pm

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