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 New to frogs

i’m really wanting to get a frog but not sure what kind would be good to start off with.. i would like to get some kind of tree frog..what type of things do i need to get. any info would be good thanks

01/22/08  01:59pm


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  Message To: Shydragon   In reference to Message Id: 1589572

 New to frogs

I have a Green tree frog. he lives in a 20 gallon tank (it’s bigger then he needs though) i have a palce for him to hide in, a pool for him to soak in, and plants for him to climb on. He is pretty simple to take care of, very good pet. i feed him 1 or 2 crickets a day (3 week old crickets)

02/21/08  02:10am


Blue eyed cutie
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  Message To: Nintendude403   In reference to Message Id: 1631644

 New to frogs

i have a american toad (6 just so you know) and they are very easy and fun to take care of. i keep mine in my window well. (cus i have so many) a 10 gal. would be very good for 1 0r 2 (no more then 2.)
this is what you will need:

*a 10 gal. or bigger. (u can use a window well)

*dirt or wood chips. (no rocks unless you want to have your toad eat a rock like Animal Lover)(i like both wood and dirt half/half)

*a water dish that is big enough that your toad can sit in (no smaller)

*plants (plastic or real)

*a flat piece of wood and rocks (to make a cave or you can go to the pet store and buy something)

*a spray bottle (to keep the dirt miost)

Now you are all set! yay! hope i was some help!

blue eyed cutie

02/21/08  05:14pm


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  Message To: Blue eyed cutie   In reference to Message Id: 1632296

 New to frogs

if u want a pretty cool toad i would go with the fire bellys thier pretty easy to take care and they dont need much

04/20/08  08:55pm


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  Message To: Shydragon   In reference to Message Id: 1589572

 New to frogs

i have a whites tree frog, and this i feel would be a great starter frog, mainly because all you need is a ten-gallon terrarium, crickets, vitamins dust, eco-earth, water-dish, leaves, and a hollow log or a dome. i hope that this helped!!!!!

11/01/08  03:39pm

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