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Littlefoot17   Bayou Beasts  

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 Concerned about my baby alligator

my baby alligator hasn’t eaten for about 3 days and sleeps all day. I’ll pet him and take him out of his enclosure but he falls right back asleep shortly after. He isn’t playing/ swimming around like he used to. I try to feed him and he’ll grab his food but then just keep it in his mouth and/or just eventually pull it out of his mouth with his back feet. I’m concerned he has worms and have been trying to look into what to give him but I’ve been having such a hard time finding answers. I read garlic oil helps but I can’t find actual information on it. his tank is about 80 degrees F. I would really appreciate any and all information about baby alligators. Please and thank you in advanced !

08/04/17  09:30pm


Bayou Beasts
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  Message To: Littlefoot17   In reference to Message Id: 2320986

 Concerned about my baby alligator

What is the temp of the Basking surface? Not the ambient temperature but the temp on the surface. With any and all reptiles the immune system is built-up at the higher end of the temp spectrum. If you don’t have a Basking area( a place he/she can get out of the water). Then you need to provide one. Get a spot light not a food and not one of the newer floresents place it directly over the area about 10 inches above and check temp try to get the surface temp to between 110 and 120. If worms are the problem which I don’t think they are this will help him or her to fight them off. Your buddy will also be happier and healthier. If you still need more advice/help don’t be afraid to ask.

08/20/17  07:05pm

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