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 I need help guy

hi guy i just have an baby cuvier dwarf caiman, about 2 weeks, yesterday i saw he normal and doing good, but now i see many scar in his body,i dont know what happend?and im very worry right now and his look bad , and i just feed him yesterday, and i feed him every day 2 piece of small meat and some feeder in the tank. sory for the bad ENg, here i have some pic hope anyone can see it

04/23/12  10:11am


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  Message To: Phuc2012   In reference to Message Id: 2263898

 I need help guy

WOW!! ok im not thaat familiar with caimans or alligators n stuff but those look like gigantic stretch marks like his belly is going to explode open!!!!!!! or maybe he looks bloated or maybe stuffed full of food, but WOW thats weird O.o

04/28/12  10:41pm


Nile/water monitors
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  Message To: Phuc2012   In reference to Message Id: 2263898

 I need help guy

Does look like stretch marks, but, I think it looks like white skin pigment. If he hasn’t got’n injured or this isn’t a fungal problem, I would just watch it close and maybe look for a good vet. For a explainable reason for this. Keep us posted on your findings.

04/29/12  07:23am


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  Message To: Phuc2012   In reference to Message Id: 2263898

 I need help guy

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08/31/12  06:42pm


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  Message To: Phuc2012   In reference to Message Id: 2263898

 I need help guy

first off you should only be feeding whole food items. if you feed scraps they should have bone in them , if not they should be havily dusted in calcium supliments...its actually easier to go get a couple bucks worth of craw fish and feeder fish and mice and some chicks, and there you go!! healthiest diet readily available...
youre feeding him tooo muuccchh also .. hatchling gators should be fed every 2 days depending on how much you feed them , maybe even every 3 or 4 days if you load them up every feeding...
( keep in mind large alligators / crocs can go a year without eating after a big meal)
keep it at small meals every two days and he’ll be fine...
make sure his ambient temps are atleast 85 degrees no higher than low 90’s, and no temps above 104 dgrees . at night temps can drop into the mid-high 60’s long as the water is heated.
water should be heated at about 80 degrees.
i dont know alot about caimans, im a monitor guy personally but i do know those little facts that hopefully will help.
the scars look like he possibly could have got bitten by a bigger gator. if the scars where there before you got him. if the problems occurred in your care, then hop on google and find a qualified reptile vet. OR check your local Zoo and see if you can have their vets take a look at him.
before a small problem kills the gator

09/18/12  07:48am

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