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 Bellowing/growling from my 3’ gator??

My alligator is around 3’, and he’s recently started to "bellow" or growl. I’ve never heard him do that before, and it was so loud I thought it was one of my dogs growling at something. After some research, I see this is something related to mating? But, he’s only a little larger than 3 feet.. not the 6’ length that I read about when sexual maturity is reached. Do you think this could be something else? It wasn’t a one time occurrence either, I first heard it maybe a couple of weeks ago and then a few times since then.

The only thing different is his new 4x8 enclosure, with the water area being 4x4’. I have been having a few issues with one of the heaters, and sometimes the water temp drops to upper 70’s. I’m getting ready to replace heaters, but do you think this could have anything to do with it? I just think it’s strange.

I appreciate any input!

11/07/11  02:03pm

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