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 Help with a person giving away a baby alligator.

Hello Animals lovers,
Today my boyfriend got a phone call that apparently from a “friend of a friend” here in Chicago. They are attempting to re-home a small Alligator (they said 2 feet). Since the call 2 hours ago I have been doing as much research online as I can. It appears that caring for an animal like this is no easy task. The expense of care is not my concern. I believe that I can provide the necessary enclosure and provide a proper diet. My next step is getting the ‘owner’ of this alligator on the phone directly. I have no idea what there reason for wanting to give it away may be. Nor do I know what breed, gender, current health/behavioral issues this alligator has. They are offering a large tank and some other things. In my mind I feel that if an owner has not asked any questions about the potential adopter that it is not currently in a safe environment. If nothing else I feel that I should take the alligator to a no kill shelter in IL that I found online. My main concern is that it seems to be illegal to have an alligator in a home in IL. My next step is to contact the exotic animal vets that I found through google and ask several questions. If I cannot take this animal to a vet in Chicago due to legal issues I will not do the animal the disservice of keeping it personally. So, I guess I am just looking for any input on this predicament. I feel by just knowing this alligator is in need makes me feel responsible for it’s well being. At the very least, if I cannot care for it myself I want to ensure that it falls into the right hands. Help?

12/13/09  04:35am


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 Help with a person giving away a baby alligator.

Definately dont take it if its illegal where you are... And sad to say its hard to find a good home for gator cause so many people buy babys for 40 bucks and when get 2-3 feet realize this was a bad idea and want to get rid of it... so not many places can take them beter trying to contact a specialty facility or somewhere where legal even if temporary...

12/13/09  08:10pm

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