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 Cement pond

I want to build a indoor cement pond for my spectacled caiman and would eventually build one for my water monitor but looking for advice on building a cement pond and how to go about it. Any advice and pics would be awsome. Wife says he has to go in a stronger pond since the little bugger knocked the preform pond through his platform and got loose and bit me on the finger two days before our wedding lol.


08/20/09  06:35pm


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 Cement pond

this is a bit late but what the hell..... 1st is it inside or outside? if outside get a plastic ready made pond in the design u like. dig a hole larger than the pond design. l.... then Set the thing in concrete. OR dig a random hole and concrete a side at a time by shuttering it with wood and filling with concrete after 2 days remove each bit of wood and remove any inperfections then concrete the base. for a better smoother finish use screed. REMEMBER! to coat the hole thing in a special cement pond safe sealent as im sure you know concrete is extremely acidic and will burn blister and possibly kill anything you put in there..... if indoors! well it depends on the size? u could use a old wardrobe annd cast the concrete in that using the shutter technique but line it with a PVC sheet beforehand leave it a week or two. then brake the wardrobe up around it. if u want more strengh add some metal ( bits of shopping trolleys ) between the exterior wood and shutter when filling with concrete... JOB DONE!

02/23/10  03:46pm

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