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 Baby not eating!!!

Okay, so I have a baby alligator lizard that I cought a few days a go at a local creek. I did a ton of research on them and found that I had every thing needed to care for these guys. I had a 10 g sitting around and a vine, some cork, and reptile carpet. At first he was just curled up in a ball, which was normal, then he started to climb around in his bush. He is still in his bush, not exploring, he has moved around the bush though, but he has not gone to the center of the cage where the mealworms are located in a bottle cap.My sister and I did handle him quite a bit before we found out that we shouldn’t have done that. When should he start eating again? And when should we be worried about him not eating? Thanks in advance.

11/26/17  07:49pm


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 Baby not eating!!!

It’s been a mild winter but even so most gator lizards would be in hibernation by now and not eating. The choice is either to raise the temperature and hope it eats or lower the temperature 50 or 55 and raise it up again in a couple months to simulate a hibernation. Keeping a gator lizard warm in winter if it doesn’t want to eat will just make it lose weight.
Mealworms are a poor food choice. They just don’t move around enough to attract the lizard’s attention. Crickets work much better and also superworms, which are much more active than mealworms, assuming the critter is big enough to eat them.

11/27/17  08:24am

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