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 Lights, feeding, another noob

I have a baby alligator (fairly sure it’s a southern) who lives in a large tank with dirt substrate, leaves, ferns, two hides, water and he got fed a small cricket today. He doesn’t have any lamps. I’d like to get him a daytime lamp but I’m not sure what to get. I’m also not sure how to brumate him/her and I want to make sure he lives life naturally. Tips?

08/26/17  09:35pm


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 Lights, feeding, another noob

I just use standard incandescent bulbs to provide 85 degree hot spots; no UV. But I do dust the crickets and worms with calcium/D3 supplement as well as vitamin supplement. For the winter I turn everything off and allow the room to drop to 50-60F. I fast my allies for a couple weeks before dropping the temp so they can clear their stomachs.

08/27/17  03:05pm

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