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Jojubee   Acre  

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 A little help.

So my son came home from his grandparents house with an alligator lizard. Can anyone tell me if it is male or female?

Also would a 10 gallon take be ok for it? Right now it is temporarily in a 5 gallon fish tank which I know is too small but we had no warning of the new pet.

07/27/17  11:06am


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 A little help.

They are very hard to sex.
A 10 gallon will do. Make sure there is a hot spot during the day that gets up to 80-85 degrees - they need this for proper digestion. If feeding pet store crickets or kingworms be sure to coat them every two or three feedings with vitamin/mineral supplements like the Eco terra products. A hiding place for security is also a good idea. The water dish should be shallow so the water is easy to find.

07/29/17  04:18pm

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