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 Lost his friend

So I had 2 southern alligator lizards and I had caught them from my backyard and brought them in. They both had injuries from either cats or malnutrition, so I didn’t just abduct them. Achilles was completely healed and recovered, whereas his brother Louis always had a physical impairment. His ribs were quite collapsed and he couldn’t use his front legs. I figured if I released him he would surely die. So I kept them both. They lived together in a tank for 3 years until today, Louis sadly passed away. The day prior he was completely fine and normal. I cleaned out their tank and buried him. Achilles however has been acting really strangely. He usually stays up in his tree or sits by louis. But now that hes gone he just keeps almost running around the tank. It actually seems like he’s looking for his brother. I just want to know if there is anything I can do to either help him, or if this is even something I should be worried about.

07/13/17  05:26pm

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