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 Lighting and setup for my new, wild, baby, southern alligator lizard

Yesterday my cat found a southern alligator lizard, and its tail had been released. I then bought an enclosure for it.

The reptile enclosure I bought:

I read online that they like forest-like habitats, so i used ECO EARTH compressed coconut fiber expandable substrate as the ground. Is that good for them, or is there something else I should use instead?

I also know that they need places where they can hide, so I bought a fake half log, is that fine? Or should I buy a fake cave? Or if not that then what?

I also put a fake rock water bowl for "him." Is that fine for a water bowl, or should I put something else? And my lizard often gets dirt in the bowl, so should I refill it when there is too much dirt in the bowl, or refill it when there is any dirt at all in the bowl.

I didn’t buy fake plants or logs, I just found real ones from my backyard. The sticks/logs are working out fine. But it’s the plants i’m worried about. Since they are real, they are going to die within a day MAYBE 2. So should I get fake plants, not have plants at all, or keep getting real plants from my backyard?

I also got house crickets for him to eat, I saw him bite one but he just let it go almost immediately, do you think that if he doesn’t eat them after 2 days, i should feed him smaller insects, or is he just still stressed because my cats, and putting him in an enclusure?

And last, but not least, lighting. My enclosure is located in a sunroom, that is a room on the side of my house. 2/4 of the walls are 60-80% glass(so mostly glass) so he gets natural sunlight when the sun is out and doesn’t get it when its dark, or past sunset. Do I still need any artificial lights, or a UVB light?

I fed him the night before, a small cockroach, in a different container at night and he ate it, but when I put the crickets in his new enclosure(in the day) there was only once where he bit one of them, and he just spit the cricket out right after, but besides that the crickets just walked by him and he would not even move and whenever they touched him he would just run away.

Why is that? Is he stressed, does he not like them, is he full, do alligator lizards only eat at night, and if not any of these, then why wont he eat.

If someone can answer my questions ASAP that would be great, and please be as detailed as possible because this is my first serious pet depending on what happens.


05/21/17  11:15pm

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