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 Brown mulch as substrate for N. Alli lizard?

So, I have had my alligator for about a year now, and lately she has been very lethargic. I had to get sand as her latest substrate and I don’t think she likes it at all. I was wondering if brown mulch would be an alriight substrate until I can order something else? Also I think she may be brumating. She has stopped eating, but sill basks. Is that normal?

11/12/16  10:30pm


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  Message To: SilverBlood124   In reference to Message Id: 2319768

 Brown mulch as substrate for N. Alli lizard?

She has likely slowed down for the winter. Turn off the heat so she doesn’t burn too many calories and leave her alone until February or March.
Gator lizards don’t seem to suffer as much as other lizards from poor choice of substrate. I’ve seen healthy ones kept on fine , dusty sand (which I would NOT recommend). Brown mulch is fine but to remove the possibility of introducing lizard mites (which will overwhelm a terrarium and kill the lizard) I would wet it and microwave it, then let it dry some (or just microwave off all the water). I use cypress mulch and do this.

11/16/16  09:59am


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  Message To: Acre   In reference to Message Id: 2319784

 Brown mulch as substrate for N. Alli lizard?

i think you should use reptile bark AKA dragon bark if you can find any at your local pet shop and if you do make sure to shake the bag to shake all the dust from the bark. dragon bark is the best type of bark for allies and contain natural scents which alligator lizards adore during winter.

12/01/16  08:25am

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