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 Found alligator lizard in black widow web

Hey Guys,
I am inexperienced in the reptile world.. That being said, I saved a juvenile southern alligator lizard from a spiders web Sunday morning. He was cocooned in its webbing and not moving much when I found him. I know that my yard contains a lot of black widow/ brown widow spiders and their webbing is incredibly strong, so I’m guessing it was one of these spiders. I gently picked him out of the web and removed all excess webbing with tweezers (very carefully as to not pinch the little guy) He is incredibly lethargic and has been sleeping since. He is missing part of his tail, his front right foot has been munched off, and wounds on his upper tail and back left knee.. as well as a definite spider bite on his back.. I soaked him in warm water and put antibiotic ointment on his wounds as well as bought him a little apartment.. Rents pricey in Los Angeles, so we’ll have to work something out when he gets better. Anyhow, anyone have any advise for me as I have no idea what to do. I definitely don’t want to put him back outside because he will surely get snacked on. He wont eat nor move much. But, he is breathing and hanging in his new pad. I really hope he pulls through this..

09/20/16  01:07pm


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 Found alligator lizard in black widow web

Offer crickets of a size appropriate for the lizard. Set it up in a terrarium with a hide area and a hot spot that gets to 85 F during the day. Have a very shallow water dish - a jar cover will do. Not much else you can do. If he eats, the crickets should be dusted with a vitamin/mineral powder every second or third feeding. Minimize handling until he appears to have recovered.

09/25/16  08:16pm

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