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 Are these shedding signs?

We’ve had our Allie for over a year and he has consistently shed once every 1-3 months. The last time he shed was 03/31/16 and he had been exhibiting behaviors that could seem like he is going through his shedding phase. Some signs are: his skin/scales have been gradually getting darker and separating, he hasn’t been eating as much, his digestive system slowed down, and he seems a lot more tired. He has been exhibiting these behaviors for over 4 months and we are getting very worried because he hadn’t shed! We don’t know if these signs are shedding signs or if they are signs of more dangerous things, like impaction. We are worried he might have accidentally swallowed some substrate and is impacted now. He has been passing stools regularly (once every 1.5 weeks or so) so we are unsure if impaction is the cause. Also, we believe he might be full grown now and we heard that lizards only shed about once or twice a year after they reach adulthood so could that maybe be a reason why he is taking so long to shed? Also, does anyone know what the behaviors are like when an Allie is looking to mate? We also suspect he might be trying to mate because he is pacing back and forth.

Does anyone have any advice or any insight as to why he might be behaving this way?

09/07/16  07:05pm

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