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 Southern alli mating

i have a female that i have had for maybe 8 years, not sure how old it was when i found it, maybe 1-2.

if i find a male for it, are they aggressive toward each other like a praying mantis or beta fish, or are they more friendly, she has been all alone too if that might effect anything?

she is pretty big now, and has not lost her tail that i know of since keeping her. 14" total maybe more

06/20/16  06:06pm


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 Southern alli mating

I would thoroughly research the topic on the internet before pursuing this, especially since your allie has been alone for a long time and might have trouble socializing. Allies can be territorial so I would be cautious with trying to mate them. If you happen to find a male, I would house him separately at first and perhaps put their terrariums side by side so they are separated, but can see each other. You can gauge their behavior from there. I would also prepare an incubation environment in the event the mating is successful and the female needs a place to lay eggs.

06/28/16  12:08am

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