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Katness   Flower3  

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 NEED HELP , Allie hurt and moody :(

recently my cat has been attacking my Allie through the tank... and my brother has also been teasing him by tapping on the side of the tank. so my Allie has a scab on the right side of his throat. And a big bump on the other. With the three years i have had him he has never bitten me. in till this week.but what i don’t understand is he was very com , i could put him on my shirt and leave him there for an hour and he would not move. but he started to bite me so i thought he might be home sick .so i made his home more like a forest .and he has not bitten me since . but i need some advice on how to heal his bump ASAP.

06/11/16  08:12pm


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  Message To: Katness   In reference to Message Id: 2318678

 NEED HELP , Allie hurt and moody :(

I don’t know. Maybe you should consider a consult with a behaviorist? There must be a reason for such behaviour.

03/06/17  02:07am

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