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 Need help asap

I just caught an alligator lizard today and I everything is closed to go buy food for it
what can I feed it that I might have in my kitchen ?

05/16/16  01:26am


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  Message To: Bomberovato   In reference to Message Id: 2318405

 Need help asap


I wouldn’t recommend feeding him anything in your kitchen. Alligator lizards eat crickets, worms, etc. I would wait for the store to open and buy it some crickets. I wouldn’t feed it worms as it is lower in protein and you’d have to feed them twice as much worms to get the same amount of protein as crickets. I’d buy the calcium powder with vitamin D and dust the crickets with it. Captive lizards develop a calcium deficiency so make sure you dust your crickets before feeding them to the lizard.

When you go to the pet store, make sure you buy reptibark to line your terrarium. Also, alligator lizards need a cave to hide in, a water dish (they like to hide under the dish), and plastic leaves to climb.

Make sure to mist the terrarium. Alligator lizards don’t like drinking water out of the dish, but they like to drink off the terrarium glass so make sure you mist often.

Also for heating, make sure they have a UVB light and make sure their temp is 80-90 degrees fahrenheit. The high temp level helps then digest properly. Humidity level should be 60-70 degrees fahrenheit. The high humidity level helps them shed properly.

You should gradually expand their tank size as well. We have a 20 gal tank for our allie right now. We started with a 4 gal tank :)

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

05/23/16  01:31pm


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  Message To: Lizardlover2   In reference to Message Id: 2318435

 Need help asap

Also, forgot to mention. It’s not a good idea to feed them wild crickets as it might have parasites. To protect your lizard, I would only feed it crickets from the store.

05/23/16  01:37pm


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  Message To: Lizardlover2   In reference to Message Id: 2318436

 Need help asap

I’ve raised Southern Alligator lizards without UVB. It certainly wouldn’t hurt and may be beneficial but it’s not essential if the crickets are dusted with a good supplement powder.

06/16/16  03:06pm

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