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Iasphyxiatedkate   Allielover  

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 New owner of alligator lizards

I just found two alligator lizards at my backyard. I want to try to be the best owner for them.
First of all, I need help distinguishing their gender.
What do I specifically need to buy for their habitat? So far I have put them in a 10 gallon tank. They’re still pretty small, not an adult yet. But I do plan on buying a much bigger tank when they start growing bigger.
I’m trying to find the cheapest items for them bc I don’t have lots of money.
The tank is filled with organic potted soil, has some leaves and branches. A few big rocks and a little hiding spot.
As far as lighting and heating, I have none of those. What stuffs are really necessary for them and where should I place them in the tank?
Food ideas as well would be great.
I want to be able to handle them with love without them biting me. Only one is really chill.

03/08/16  09:52pm


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 New owner of alligator lizards

telling gender is near impossible with allies unless you catch them breeding or one being gravid then either laying eggs or giving birth depending on if they are northerns or southerns. males will almost always fight when sexually mature.

if you can find a 30 or 40 gallon tank for when they are bigger that would be much better, the bigger the better.(you can often get great deals for used tanks at garage sales or thrift shops) you will want to get a metal screen lid for the top. most of the decor sounds great, maybe more hides. a shallow water bowl is important(like a cat food/water bowl). try to keep one end or corner of the tank damp so they can shed properly.

a heat light source is important for digestion, comfort and a sense of night and day. you should put the heat lamp at one end, so that your lizards have a cool side and a warm side so they can. choose the temp they want to be at. I’m not quite sure what the ideal temps for southerns is but for northerns 24-27 seemed to be their prefered basking temp, i think southerns like it a bit warmer. and depending on who you talk to they will either suggest using a UVB light or supplementing with a calcium with D3 supplement. so they dont get MBD.

calcium and a multi vitamin supplements from a pet store are necessary to their health because they wont be getting the trace minerals that theyed get in the wild. they will likely get sick and die if they go without this for a while.

for food offer appropriately sized crickets grasshoppers, dubia roaches as their main meals. occasional treats if your guys will eat them are wood bugs, some spiders, earthworms, mealworms, waxworms. most small bugs are fine to try occasionally exept anything poisonous, or ants. many ’worms’ that are sold at pet stores can be very fatty or addicting to lizards. mealworms dont have much nutritional value, same with other hard shelled food. and any ’worm’ that is really a caterpillar tends to be fatty and is not to be fed often. some allies will only go for jumpy prey like crickets too and this is fine but not ideal. most will only eat live moving food.

put your hand in the tank often, approach them with your hand in front of them slowly, you want them to relax and hopefully step on your hand with little or no nudges. don’t startle them from picking up from behind or by the middle. they prefer to be supported by all 4 feet at anytime they re picked up. be patent, short sessions at first while you and them are gaining trust and comfort. if you take them to a different room or outside its a good idea to keep a container with air holes with you in case they get stressed or if you have to stop holding them for a moment. and they can run very fast, so you have to be prepared to read you lizards and watch for signs of bolting. also until they are both very good(after a few months to a year) i suggest only holding one at a time.

03/21/16  05:34am

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