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Zenara   Acre  

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 Moldy Eggs- Help Please!

Got my first 2 batches of eggs recently, about 20, and they’re going moldy! I think I know what went wrong, I had the containers covered fully (had a screen top on before) and there was too much moisture...
How do I get the mold off? And is there any way to tell whether the eggs are dead or not?

03/31/15  06:10pm


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  Message To: Zenara   In reference to Message Id: 2312960

 Moldy Eggs- Help Please!

Unfortunately mold doesn’t kill eggs - dead eggs tend to grow mold. Some or all of them could have been infertile, or there could have been a problem with too high a moisture level, lack of air flow, or temperature spikes/drops. Sometimes a few eggs die and get moldy the good ones hatch regardless. Mold shouldn’t effect a healthy egg. Generally, gator lizard eggs are pretty resilient as long as they are never allowed to dry out.

04/03/15  02:39pm

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