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Cipactli Cuetzpallin   Takahiro111  

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Cipactli Cuetzpallin
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I have my alligator lizard in a 20 gallon tank, and he’s got a big plastic exo terra jungle plant that he sits in for most of the day.So I’m worried he might not be getting the water he needs, because I have this shallow plastic bowl that always has water in it, but I don’t think he ever drinks from it. He seems healthy, as in he eats and moves normally, but I’m just concerned if he isn’t getting hydrated, so what should I do?

08/08/14  03:32pm


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Is his skin wrinkled? And I’m sure he gets water...u can just never catch him drinking lol I had the same problem with my agama but I would have to sneak up on him to see him drink. I know he thought of me being a creep and annoying. He probably don’t like still water.

08/08/14  06:17pm

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