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 Looking for northwestern allies! any ideas?

In the last year 4 of my 6 allies have died.
The mother had 4 tumors develop in her belly and within a month she died.
The three others were 3 of her 5 baby’s she had august 2012. They were born with deformed jaws/cheeks that would build up saliva and get infected. The cheeks had to be cleaned out every couple weeks. After many trips to pet stores, vets and the Internet with no cure they eventually died when antibiotics couldn’t keep the swelling of their throghts and faces from hurting them.
2 of the young males are still alive and mostly normal.
The baby’s were probably inbred or they suffered trauma during development, but probably not because they had more defects than the faces.

The mother was probably quite old from the way she acted, only 2 sheds and the tumors development. She was pregnant with the baby’s when I found her after years of searching by my home. Theirs no way her or the 3 yearlings that died would have made it as long as they did if they were left in the wild.

I’d love to find at least one of two more that can live with my boys(I have other tanks in case they don’t get along) And if I end up having healthy baby’s I plan on releaseing some of them in the area where I found my mom lizard. Add some genetic diversity.
I live on Vancouver island in BC Canada. I plan on traveling the island this summer so if anyone knows of populations on the island I’d love to know. Or areas with low garter snake populations.

I’m looking for a pet, but also inproveing genetic diversity in the wild.
Thank you.

06/25/14  02:30am


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  Message To: Allielover   In reference to Message Id: 2306096

 Looking for northwestern allies! any ideas?

This is my first time on this site.
I know your posting is quite old, but wondered if you are still looking for northern alligator lizards to increase genetic diversity in the wild.
I my be able to help with that.

12/19/17  09:31pm

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