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 Amazing Lizards NDE

I just wanted to share a couple of amazing stories, and then a quick question. The other day I looked in the bottom of my 8 ft deep swimming pool and there was a 10 inch lizard at the bottom, sitting perfectly still. I grabbed the net, thinking poor dead critter, since it must have been in there for at least a couple of hours !!! Well, I scooped it up and it was still alive !!! I placed in the yard and after a few minutes it scurried away !!! Now, last week, something even MORE amazing happened. In my side yard there was a gallon bucket with poor dried up 10" lizard in it. Obviously it was trying to get out, and it baked in the sun. It has been in the 90’s here in So. Cal. It had rigamortius (sp) and it’s eyes were empty, sunken and hollow. So sad !!! I dumped it out on the ground and the back part of its body, legs and tail were making a U shaped, literally off the ground. For some reason, I thought I’d poor water on it... well, it’s head made a slight movement !! I poured more water on it’s back and head, and I swear to God it actually moved a bit more....then after a half hour or so, it crawled away !!! OMG !! the survivability of these creatures is AMAZING !!! I am not sure if its the same lizard. They both look similar. Actually, i may have an invasion of them, and this leads to my question. On my side yard there is literally 4 or 5 BIG one inch poops on the cement every morning !! they are about 1/4 inch wide. Sometimes there is a white dot on the end, but it is NOT bird poop cuz it is solid. I am very sure this is the resurrected lizard cuz i see it every so often and I put out romaine lettuce at night and it is gone in the AM. But seriously, how many times can a lizard poop at night !!!! I think 4 or 5 is ALOT of poopin’. Do you think i have a colony or something ??? lol.. thanks for listening ! :)

05/16/14  09:40am


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  Message To: TracyXO   In reference to Message Id: 2305158

 Amazing Lizards NDE

Dry conditions in California mean more gator lizards - and more wildlife in general - will congregate in suburban areas where there is more water. The alligator lizards would be eating spiders and insects - which is probably what is eating the lettuce.
And yes, these are some very tough lizards. This is both good and bad from the standpoint of keepers - while the lizards are forgiving, if the husbandry is really bad (not enough heat, poor diet, etc) the allies will take a long time to show signs of distress and by that time they are usually quite sick.

05/16/14  11:04am

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