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 She finally laid her what?

Cigars all around! Crazy Legs laid 12 eggs today. One was bad. She mourned it, (laid her head by it all morning, then pushed it out of the nest). The rest appear to be perfect. Now, do I remove them from the cage, even though the temp is right and CL looks like she intends to pay them plenty of attention and there is food for her and papa to eat so they shouldn’t eat the eggs? Or is it ok to leave them in there? Should I be worried? And how long until these little darlings hatch?

03/21/14  07:28pm


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 She finally laid her what?

as long as they stay at the right humidity and temp the eggs should be fine. i got my my adult female northwestern July 2012 and she had babys about a month after that(Aug 27) northerns have live babys instead of laying eggs, so their gravid/pregnant period is almost double what the southerns are. either way she had 5 baby’s, and for the first couple weeks i kept them separate for fear of her eating them, but she is a very mellow lizard most of the time and she didn’t see them as food. they don’t move the right way. after several meeting periods of no problems i put them together and the worse that happened when they were tiny was sometimes being sat on( they were 2.5 inches total body and tail lenght when born and skinnier than a pencil)
my babys didn’t eat for about a week, and then they only ate tiny crickets and little legs that they managed to pull off the crickets, they wouldn’t touch fruit flys.
both types are fully carnivores and will only eat moveing food, so the eggs should be fine, watch when they hatch though, give lots of tiny hiding spots were the adults cant fit.

if you decide to keep them all, you may have to move the males out around 4-8 months, idk if southerns do this, but my males were about 2/3rds of the moms lenght when it started to turn into spring and they kept trying to mate with their mom( but oddly then and now they leave their sister alone) the mother kept getting her head chewed up, so she started getting defensive with the males. because they were physically to small to hold both her head and mate at the same time is why she got all chewed up. shes gotten polysporn on her head several times. this is the second breeding season that iv had them all, last year they couldn’t breed because of the size difference, but now they are only about an inch shorter, so i might get some inbred babys :p( which is really bad because the area i got the mom(daimon) from there arnt many allies, so their is a high chance of her being inbred(other than shes unusually dark, shes normal) and I’m pretty sure that the dad of her current kids is a close relative of hers because 3 of the babys have some weird jaw/cheek thing that they keep getting buildup, 2 of the kids have lost bits of toes because of shedding issues, the one female was born missing a whole finger, and one of the males was really messed up at the start(gimp/Erebus), he has born almost bent in half with a large part of his spine right before his tail was bent( looked a bit like spine da badifida in humans) he couldn’t move properly and he had a large scar/wound on his left side. eventually his movement and bentness straitened out to the point where it only looked aquard when he climbed, but his tail got very kinked as he grew. he died at 1year2months from a constant infection from the buildup in the cheek i mentioned earlier, accept it was sealed more like an abscess in his cheek throat area, that eventually made him blind. i tried to keep it clean and took the very little amount of advice i was able to get, but he gave up from that and possibly from other deformed internal structures/organs.

wow that was long, but i just wanted you to be aware of the problems iv had with my allies. now a couple good story’s.
one other male had a bad infection in his mouth too and stopped eating, but he recovered fully, and the girl(aqua) who has really weird coloring and some weird scales, she had one really bad shed on a day that i was away for the night and i had my brother do the lights. so after she started shedding she got skin stuck on all 4 feet for at least 10 hours. for a weekish after that i Thought she might lose a foot and sevral more toes, or die but after soaking her, pealing off the softened skin, lots of polysporn, quarantine and a few force feeding she slowly got better, two toes had to be partly amputated( they died off) but shes all fine now and doing well.

i wonder if you ll get any cool looking juveniles when they lose the baby coloring. mine are all different. Daimon( dark chocolate/black allover), Quicksilver( normallish coloring, little bit of white flecks on sides), Red/Rephaim( almost the same as Quicksilver, but less flecks), Vinny(formally violet when i Thought he was a girl)( he kept his baby golden color for over a year and got a very white belly, he has a few darker flecks on his back now, but not many.) Aqua( the best way to describe it is dark brindle or tortoiseshell, very pretty) Gimp/Erebus( had the pretty brindle too, hes the one who died, and he appeared to have no sex drive and he didn’t harass mom, maybe him and aqua are infertile). it seems unfortunate that the 2 that have/had the prettiest/unusual color are the 2 that have the most physical defects.

I’m thinking about getting something to live with my females and maybe males.idk what would be mellow and exciting enough.
congrats to the eggs, post some picks of the happy parents and babys if you can, id love to see them
sorry for the rambleing, but i hope some of this helps you, demondevon

03/28/14  05:34pm

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