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Iv had northwestern alligator lizards for a few years now. I cuddle them and they climb all over me when they are out of their tank. I’m wondering if they are able to carry salmonella? The mom was wild caught and she was pregnant at the time.

I’m asking because I recently got a gargoyle gecko and from online reading I had some people say you can only get if from contact with poultry products and anything that lays eggs( so birds and most reptiles)so he might. Others said you can get it from pretty much all animals like dogs and rodents.

But the thing is that northwestern allies don’t lay eggs they have live young. I’m assuming that they’d have the same amount of risk of carrying it as the southerns but I’m not sure. Also would the mom have a higher risk of carrying it than her children?

I’m just curious, because they climb everywhere( also they get warm water baths about once a month, the Garg will too when he calms down enough)

Thank you, allielover:-)

02/03/14  07:37pm


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Reptiles all have a risk of carrying salmonella, about on the same level as birds. The aquatic ones worse than the others, such as turtles. You get it by ingesting it, which means you have to touch the creature or their crap, then wipe their germs all over your face or suck on your thumb (in a gist). Ie, don’t put the lizard in your mouth. Young kids, the elderly, and people with a weak immune system are far more susceptible.

It’s always recommended to wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer after touching the lizard or their tank. And not to handle lizards directly before eating.

02/03/14  08:23pm

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