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Are there any plants that are poisonous to an Alligator lizard? I’ve got a year old Alli in a 70 gallon tank and I’m fixing things up and I don’t want to poison my little girl. Guy at pet store told me plants in the Cypress family are toxic but he was not 100% sure. My concern is the Juniper plant. Found a killer multi branch piece while cutting back my Junipers.

12/25/13  11:29pm


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Link <- list of plants for a terrarium.

I’m not advertising their business by any means. You can get the plants anywhere. But this website holds the list of plants that are chosen for being safe for terrariums as far as I’m aware. They also have a care guide to keep the plants alive.

The two categories of plants I know for a solid fact are safe for lizards are Pothos (for humid-style lizards) and Aloe (for desert dwellers). Most ferns are also okay, however some do not fair well in tanks.

12/28/13  12:40pm

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