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 Texas alligator issues

Hi I recently caught a large alligator lizard and I have it in a 40 gal terrarium. I have tried crickets, meal works, grasshoppers and earthworms.for about two weeks now and can’t seem to get it very interested. It’s about 14 in long and I hadmulch and pottting soil but read craft sand was good so I change. I hav both types of lighting and keep a ceramic infrared on at night. What could be the cause of not eating? I mainly suspect stress as a new environment. What should I try?

10/29/13  02:49am


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 Texas alligator issues

What have the temperatures been running in the area where he was caught? If you had an early cool-down, like we’ve had here in coastal California he may want to hibernate. Otherwise I would measure the temperature in the hot spot of the cage to see what you’ve actually got (it should be in the mid to high 80’s daytime). Sometimes it helps to put the heat closer to the hiding area (Do you have one? Bark or a small rock pile or a container buried in the substrate?) because an Ally feeling insecure may choose to be too cool rather than to venture out. Leaving them in a low-traffic part of the house where there are seldom people around also helps with acclimation.
If that craft sand is really fine I’d go back to potting mix. Ultra-fine substrates can cause problems.

10/31/13  09:57pm

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