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 Juvenile Alligator Taming?

I have had my baby alligator lizard since august 20th 2013. I believe it is a male by the size of his head, but I still cannot be sure. His name is Lief. I have been trying my best to calm him and tame him. He has never threatened to bite me or any other person that tries to touch him. He just runs. He eats crickets in front of me with no worries or hesitations. He is still afraid of my hand though. I have tried almost everything to not stress him. I rest my hand in front of him and do nothing, he just stands there. I know he’s probably observing my hand. I can’t blame him for being so scared.. lol. I have tried to hand feed him, but he turns away. Any tips anybody can throw out to me?
I believe the day I got him, he must’ve hatched a few days before I got him. I have cats and my father saw them attacking Lief, and he brought him to me. I have enclosures that are perfect for his conditions. 1 looks to be about a 10gal and the other is a 40gal. he’s in the 40 gal as we speak. He had no injuries when I got him, no signs of mites or ticks.
He does have UVB lighting with temperatures between 70-85 degrees and the humidity is about 50-60%.

10/17/13  11:57am


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 Juvenile Alligator Taming?

I’ve had gator lizards that never got used to being picked up, even after 10 years. Once they get over their initial fear they often calm down. I had one huge San Diego gator lizard (a large subspecies of the Southern); about 7 inches not counting the tail. It would initially gape it’s mouth and hiss if one tried to pick it up but after a few minutes of handling it became calm enough for small children to safely handle at educational demonstrations.

10/18/13  08:38am

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