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 Possible to tell baby alligator lizard types apart?!

So I just caught a baby alligator lizard (running across my foot inside my house by the door!) and was wondering if there is any way to tell whether it is northern or southern before its adult colors come through? I had thought it was southern, but read they tend to hatch later and as this must have just hatched it made me think twice. I’ve set this fella up in a 10gallon with heat pad and light and he’s doing really well. Only had him a few days but he’s eating tiny crickets like a champ and looks quite fat. He’s already getting used to me and will climb on my hand when I place it in the tank. It’s a small miracle I found him as I had just released a larger southern that I had kept for a few months as he was just too aggressive and seemed untamable, plus he had gone into brumation over winter. I never thought I’d find one small enough to start from scratch and yet there he was running over my foot! Anyways I’ll add some pictures and see if anyone can tell me if its northern, southern, or whatever (if its even possible) and welcome any feedback regarding lil babies! Thanks in advance!

Oh, how do you add pictures to this? Pictures to follow, after I find out how!

08/23/13  06:48pm

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